The Timber

Scharff lumbers his own timber from the Trentino region of northern Italy, where the silica enriched soil enhances the best resonance characteristics. For the back of his violins Scharff carefully chooses Bosnian maple, up to 100 years old.

The Size

The major component for the Italian belcanto of my instruments and flamed structure of the timber is the ground and undercoats, used by the legendary violin makers from Italy”. Years of library research and alchemist experiments have produced the desired results: The classic Italian size accentuates the structure of the timber in its clearest and most golden-tone, filters out the dissonant overtones, gives the treble a tenor-ale clarity and allows the bass tones to resonate.

The Varnish

Protects the timber and delays the natural wear through playing. The specifically prepared varnishes are composed of an assortment of different resins, oils and colour pigments. These are optically enriched so that the instrument is optically stimulating when initially observed and throughout its daily usage.

The Sound

The claims entrusted to the sound of the instrument demand the quality of an expensively classical, and simultaneously the vitality of a modern ‘state of the art’ instrument. This brilliant spectrum of sounds inspires both the classical and contemporary musical trends. It is this distinct sound of Scharff‘s instruments, recognised by expert musicians which emphasises the continuity of his instruments.

Scharff Violins are unique instruments.
They will be played by outstanding German and international

Due to their unusual strong sound they are particularly
suitable for the solistic use.

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