born 1962 in Saarlouis, Germany, was raised in a musical family. Learning to play at the age of six he quickly discovered his passion for stringed instruments, the pleasure of the fascinating sound and the aesthetically pleasing radiance of the instruments.

Throughout his technical training and professional development Scharff continued his musical career, playing and performing as concertmaster in the Saarland orchestra and as soloist and violinist with the “Isartal Symphony Orchestra”.

Scharff completed his master examination in violin making in 1995 after having been trained and educated over years in his father’s workshop in Mannheim and by his instructing masters Peter Erben and Stephan Gaes in Munich.

He gathered further insight into the philosophy of violin making through professional development ‘workshops’ by Jürgen von Stietencron in Italy, H.K. Schmidt in Dresden and Francois Perego in Mittenwald.
His violins have been exhibited in the Jacob Stainer competition (in Freiburg 1990,1993 and 2001, Prague 1993 and Wiesbaden 1995).

Since commencing as a violin maker his work has encompassed the continuing intensive research and inquiry into improving the tonal and optical characteristics of his instruments.
Wolfgang J. Scharff,